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A decision support system for vine growers based on a bayesian network

Philippe Abbal , Jean-Marie Sablayrolles , Eric Matzner-Løber , Jean-Michel Boursiquot , Cédric Baudrit , et al.
Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics, 2016, 21 (1), pp.131-151. ⟨10.1007/s13253-015-0233-2⟩
Journal articles hal-01506483v1

Does environmental connotation affect coordination issues in an experimental stag hunt game?

Dimitri Dubois , Stefano Farolfi , Mabel Tidball , Mathieu Desole , Annie Hofstetter
17. International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications, University of Calabria. ITA.; Universidad de Chile. CHL., Jul 2016, Urbino, Italy
Conference papers hal-01506497v1

Shadowed intermediation. How two-sided platforms reshape intermediation to support direct exchanges between local food producers and consumers communities

Florent Saucede , David Vidal
5. Nordic Retail & Wholesale Conference, Nordic Retail and Wholesale Association (NRWA). SWE., Nov 2016, Aarhus, Denmark
Conference papers hal-01506533v1

Genetic Mapping and Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci

Luciana Baldoni , Bouchaib Khadari , Raul de La Rosa
The Olive Tree Genome, Springer International Publishing, 2016, Compendium of Plant Genomes, 978-3-319-48886-8. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-48887-5_5⟩
Book sections hal-01608433v1

Heterogeneity in international value chains: The economic function of French brokers in the fresh fruit and vegetables import industry

Karine Latouche , Elodie Rouvière
149. EAAE Seminar ‘Structural change in agri-food chains: new relations between farm sector, food industry and retail sector', European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE). INT., Oct 2016, Rennes, France. 13 p
Conference papers hal-01465157v1

Absolute and relative height-pixel accuracy of SRTM-GL1 over the South American Andean Plateau

Frédéric Satgé , Matheus Denezine , Ramiro Pillco , Franck Timouk , Sébastien Pinel , et al.
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 2016, 121, pp.157-166. ⟨10.1016/j.isprsjprs.2016.09.003⟩
Journal articles hal-02136661v1

Novel bis-arylalkylamines as myeloperoxidase inhibitors: Design, synthesis, and structure-activity relationship study

Iyas Aldib , Michel Gelbcke , Jalal Soubhye , Martine Prévost , Paul Furtmüller , et al.
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2016, 123, pp.746-762. ⟨10.1016/j.ejmech.2016.07.053⟩
Journal articles hal-02393046v1

Modélisation de la croissance végétale, les opérateurs de croissance, cas stochastique

Philippe de Reffye , Mengzhen Kang
Architecture et croissance des plantes : modélisation et applications, Quae Edtions, 2016, 978-27592-2622-1
Book sections hal-02544305v1

Study of the domestication of a viral genome in the parasitoid wasp Venturia canescens

Matthieu Leobold , Annie Bezier , Anne-Nathalie Volkoff , Jean-Michel Drezen
49. Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology, 2016, Tours, France
Conference papers hal-01991469v1

Human Vulnerability Mapping Facing Critical Service Disruptions for Crisis Managers

Amelie Grangeat , Julie Sina , Vittorio Rosato , Aurélia Bony-Dandrieux , Marianthi Theocharidou
CRITICAL INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURES SECURITY (CRITIS 2016), Oct 2016, Paris, France. pp.100-110, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-71368-7_9⟩
Conference papers hal-02914624v1

Near infrared spectra and hyperspectral imaging of medieval fortress walls in carcassonne: a comprehensive interdisciplinary field study

D. Allios , N. Guermeur , A. Cocoual , J. Linderholm , C. Sciuto , et al.
NIR news, 2016, 27 (3), pp.16-20. ⟨10.1255/nirn.1602⟩
Journal articles hal-02609383v1

Microfabricated biosensor for the simultaneous amperometric and luminescence detection and monitoring of Ochratoxin A

Scherrine A. Tria , David Lopez-Ferber , Catherine Gonzalez , Ingrid Bazin , Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2016, 79, pp.835-842. ⟨10.1016/j.bios.2016.01.018⟩
Journal articles hal-02906428v1

Efficient FPT Algorithms for (Strict) Compatibility of Unrooted Phylogenetic Trees

Julien Baste , Christophe Paul , Ignasi Sau , Celine Scornavacca
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 2016, 79 (4), pp.920-938. ⟨10.1007/s11538-017-0260-y⟩
Journal articles lirmm-03113710v1

Expositions et collections dans les carrières d'artistes: Analyse comparative de quatre pays européens Allemagne, France, Royaume-Uni, Suisse

Nathalie Moureau
[Rapport de recherche] Comité professionnel des galerie d'art. 2016, s.p
Reports hal-03078356v1

Waveform simulations and analysis of Lidar data for the development of a space-based vegetation lidar system

S. Durrieu , Eloi Grau , Jean-Philippe Gastellu-Etchegorry , Grégoire Vincent , Cécile Antin , et al.
International Workshop on Vegetation Lidar and Application from Space, Jan 2016, Kyoto, Japan. pp.40
Conference papers hal-02603468v1

Temperature impacts on grapevine physiology and development at both plant and organ levels

Charles Romieu , David Lecourieux , Markus Rienth , Nathalie Luchaire , Ratthaphon Chatbanyong , et al.
10. International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology, Jun 2016, Verone, Italy
Conference papers hal-02801795v1

Simulation of future groundwater recharge using a climate model ensemble and SAR-image based soil parameter distributions: a case study in an intensively-used Mediterranean catchment

F. Herrmann , N. Baghdadi , M. Blaschek , R. Deidda , R. Duttmannc , et al.
Science of the Total Environment, 2016, 543 (B), pp.889-905. ⟨10.1016/j.scitotenv.2015.07.036⟩
Journal articles hal-02601513v1

Microwave remote sensing of land surfaces: techniques and methods

N. Baghdadi , Mehrez Zribi , N. Baghdadi , Mehrez Zribi
Elsevier, pp.448, 2016, 9781785481598
Books hal-02604666v1

Climate change impacts on water resources and reservoir management in the Seine river basin (France)

D. Dorchies , Guillaume Thirel , Charles Perrin , Jean-Claude Bader , R. Thépot , et al.
La Houille Blanche - Revue internationale de l'eau, 2016, 5, pp.32-37. ⟨10.1051/lhb/2016047⟩
Journal articles hal-02604888v1

Endogenous Gibbon Ape Leukemia Virus Identified in a Rodent (Melomys burtoni subsp.) from Wallacea (Indonesia)

Niccolò Alfano , Johan Michaux , Serge Morand , Ken Aplin , Kyriakos Tsangaras , et al.
Journal of Virology, 2016, 90 (18), pp.8169-8180. ⟨10.1128/JVI.00723-16⟩
Journal articles hal-03053780v1

Joint management of water resources in response to climate change disruptions

Olivier Barreteau , Stefano Farolfi , S. Peret , E. Torquebiau
Climate change and agriculture worldwide, Springer, pp.155-165, 2016, 978-94-017-7460-4. ⟨10.1007/978-94-017-7462-8_12⟩
Book sections hal-02602958v1

Dwelling in polluted places: how issues about health risks are raised, avoided or kept silent in two southern french towns

Christelle Gramaglia
L. Peilin; L. Roulleau Berger. Ecological risks and disasters: new experiences in China and Europe, Routledge, pp.170-191, 2016
Book sections hal-02602558v1

Cultural valuation and biodiversity conservation in the Upper Guinea forest, West Africa

James M. Fraser , Moussa Diabaté , Woulay Narmah , Pépé Beavogui , Kaman Guilavogui , et al.
Ecology and Society, 2016, 21 (3), ⟨10.5751/es-08738-210336⟩
Journal articles hal-02096920v1

Développements optiques pour améliorer la mesure spectrale des milieux biologiques complexes : applications agri-environnementales

R. Bendoula
Sciences de l'environnement. 2016
Habilitation à diriger des recherches tel-02605143v1

L'intelligence territoriale dans le bassin de Thau : un observatoire pour penser et piloter l'action

P. Lemoisson , J. Tonneau , P. Maurel , A. Torre , Dominique Vollet
Partenariats pour le développement territorial, QUAE, pp.59-73, 2016, Update Sciences & technologies, 978-2-7592-2407-4
Book sections hal-02605514v1

Monitoring natural habitats using multi-sources remote-sensing data in answer to conservation planning

Samuel Alleaume , Vincent Thiérion , D. Marechal , M. Roux , Sylvio Laventure , et al.
Ecosummit 2016, Aug 2016, Montpelllier, France. pp.16
Conference papers hal-02605356v1

Le quartier du Petit Bard dans la rénovation urbaine : la double peine de la discrimination ethnique et territoriale

Isabelle Berry-Chikhaoui , Dominique Chevalier , Lucile Medina
Claire Hancock; Christine Lelévrier; Fabrice Ripoll; Serge Weber. Discriminations territoriales : entre interpellation politique et sentiment d'injustice des habitants, l'Oeil d'or, pp.217-237, 2016
Book sections hal-02133129v1

Detecting “supra-neutral” patterns to elucidate diversity vs. environment relationships

Pierre Couteron , Munoz François , B. Sonké
5th International EcoSummit Congress "EcoSummit 2016 - Ecological Sustainability: Engineering Change, Aug 2016, Montpellier, France
Conference papers hal-02909407v1

Water pricing in France: toward more incentives to conserve water

Marielle Montginoul , Sébastien Loubier , A.L. Agenais , Bernard Barraqué
Water pricing for a dry future: policy ideas from abroad and their relevance to California, Feb 2016, Sacramento, United States. pp.27
Conference papers hal-02606425v1

The Role of Consulting and Support for Entrepreneurship in Universities: A French Experience

Isabelle Bories-Azeau , Fatiha Fort , Florence Noguera , Catherine Peyroux
Academy of Management Proceedings, 2016, ⟨10.5465/ambpp.2016.13829abstract⟩
Journal articles hal-02066628v1