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Department 2: Formal methods

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Rewriting Parametric timed automata Algorithmic randomness Formal method Semantics Satisfiability Theorem proving Tree automata Automatic theorem provers Security protocols Completeness Tilings Distributed systems IMITATOR Distributed algorithms Méthodes formelles Automated reasoning Secrecy Linear arithmetic Event-B Protocols Operational transformation Machine Equational theories Coq Liveness Combination Applied π-Calculus Narrowing Static analysis Abstraction Schwilgué Decision procedure Symbolic animation Verification Composition Protocol Combination of decision procedures Algorithm Déduction automatique Cellular automata Decision procedures Formal language Satisfiability Modulo Theories E-voting Vérification Collaborative editors Réécriture Détection d'intrusions Edward Sang Validation Social networks Timed automata Sines Simulation Protocoles cryptographiques Reachability Model checking Termination Calculating machine Web services Sécurité Cryptographic protocols Complexity Computable analysis Unification First-order logic Constraint solving Formal Methods Proof-based development Intrusion detection Cryptography Parameter synthesis Automated verification Refinement Formal methods Optimistic replication Raffinement Deducibility constraints Computability Formal verification Protocoles Authentication Implicit computational complexity Proof assistants Formal Verification Logarithms Security Privacy Symbolic model Behavioral detection Decidability Automated deduction Obfuscation Model-checking Malware SMT Modelling TLA+ Term rewriting