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Welcome on Paris 8's HAL open archive

This HAL repository is the University Paris 8's open archive that enables the submission as well as the reading of scholarly documents (published articles, working papers, book chapters, symposium proceedings, theses, seminar transcriptions) written by researchers from or associated with the University of paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis. Its objectives are the following:

  • to increase the visibility and the accessibility of these publications
  • to ensure the long-term archiving of these documents
  • to offer researchers the possibility to establish automatic lists of publications and to create their personal webpage

You would like to submit a document?

  • Sign in/Register/Forgotten id or password?
  • Keep your document nearby.
  • Make sure you have the agreement for submission from all your co-authors (if the document is a collaborative work)
  • Any journal article published from January 1, 2017 can be freely and legally submitted on HAL, regardless of the contract signed with the publisher (loi République numérique). For previous publications, refer to publishers' policies on Sherpa/Romeo (links on the right of the screen).
  • Make sure your submissions are complete and you correctly mention "Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis".
  • All submissions are definitive; no withdrawal will be allowed but you can submit several versions of a document.


The IdHAL enables you to get a unique and persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from any other researcher. More information

HAL also makes it possible to create a resume made up of all the submitted documents in the archive. More information


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